Posted by Karl Werner


Welcome to the online presence of the Steuben Day Observance Association of Philadelphia and Vicinity and the Philadelphia German-American Steuben Parade.  It is only right and proper that the man General Washington called "indispensable" to the American Revolutionary War effort be remembered each year with a parade by his fellow German - Americans, as well as many guests from Germany. Philadelphia, the birthplace of the American Revolution and home to thousands of German - Americans, is a most honored setting for our great parade.  We would like to thank the German-American Community for their continued support for the Parade.

It is my honor to welcome the participants to each year's parade. Each year's parade is unique with a blend of military units, bands, choirs, and other groups. We have been extremely fortunate that we are able to welcome one or more groups from Germany most years. These groups are a critical part of keeping America's ties with our German homeland important and at a more personal level.

Please come and join us, as this parade is your parade!

Tom Markow,  Chairman


Last update: 10/18/2014