Donation Drive 2017

March 2017

My fellow German ‐ Americans and Friends:

America is a tapestry made of many threads, a great nation woven together by settlers from around the world and their descendants.

One of those threads from the very beginning was the Revolutionary War hero and General Washington's Inspector General, Friedrich von Steuben from Germany, who along with many other German-Americans down through the generations worked together to help build America.

Donation Letter
Donation Letter

Thus to commemorate our heritage, on October 1st we young and old, often in our ethnic costumes and with our club crests, will march down Huntingdon Pike to celebrate with pride and joy the collective contributions of German - Americans and their traditions and culture in the German ‐ American Steuben Day Parade!

To continue our rich tradition, please consider making a tax-deductible donation in support of our annual Parade, the refurbishing of our unique Tri-centennial Tricycle, and/or funding scholarships for members of our Cornflower Court.

Come join the celebration! Sunday, October 1, 2017; Huntingdon Pike in Rockledge / Philadelphia from Huntingdon Pike and South Penn Street to Oxford Avenue and Loney Street via Church Road; starting at 1:00 PM!


Werner Fricker Jr.

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